Dr. Thomas H. Groome


What is The New Evangelization with Dr. Thomas H. Groome 

Beginning with the Second Vatican Council, the Church has been calling its people to mount a “new” evangelization.  It proposes that all of us need to be evangelizers and constantly in need of evangelization ourselves. This workshop will reflect on what this mean for “ordinary” Catholics.


Dr. Thomas H. Groome from Boston College will offer the key-note address: “Will There Be Faith? The Challenge of Catechesis in Our Time.” 

Dr. Groome is a professor of theology and religious education at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry (BC STM). He is also the Department of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry chairperson. 

His academic background includes completing seminary education at St. Patrick’s College in Carlow, Ireland; a masters of arts degree in religious education from Fordham University; as well as a doctorate in theology and education from Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University Teachers College in New York. He is an accomplished author of numerous books and essays. In the past 35 years, he has made over 700 presentations and appeared on many local and national TV channels and radio programs.

Honors and Achievements

  • Master’s Teaching Award, Boston College Grad A&S, 2008
  • The Christian Culture Gold Medal Award, Assumption University, Windsor, 2006
  • National Association of Parish Religious Educators, Emmaus Award, 2000.
  • National Conference of Catechetical Leaders Annual Award, 1997.
  • Sharing Faith received First Place Award from the Catholic Press Association, 1992
  • God is Here received First Place Award for Children’s Books, CPR, 2003
  • Past President of the Association of Professors and Researchers of Religious Education
  • Reclaiming Catholicism: Treasures Old and New (Orbis) edited with Michael Daley, received First Place, History, Catholic Book Award, 2011.

More From Dr. Groome


Will There Be Faith, Harper One; San Francisco, 2011
Reclaiming Catholicism: Treasures Old and New. Editor with Michael Daley, Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2010
Horizons and Hopes: The Future of Religious Education, Editor with Harold Daly Horell, New York: Paulist Press, 2003
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Empowering Catechetical Leaders, Editor with Michael Corso, Washington, DC: National Catholic Educational Association, 1999
Sharing Faith: A Comprehensive Approach to Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1991.
Language for a Catholic Church. Kansas City: Sheed and Ward, 1991, 1995.
Christian Religious Education: Sharing our Story and Vision. San Fran: Harper, 1980.

Religion Curricula

General Editor and crafter of Credo Series, an eight book curriculum for adolescent religious education; first two books published 2011 and 2012.
Primary author of God With Us religion curriculum (K to 8), Sadlier, 1984.
Primary author of Coming to Faith religion curriculum (K to 8), Sadlier, 1989.
Primary author of New and Revised Edition of Coming to Faith religion curriculum (K to 6), Sadlier, 1995.
God is Here When Bad Things Happen, with Martha Moss, Boston: Pauline Books, 2002


Author of some 180 articles and essays that have appeared in scholarly journals and popular publications on religious education and ministry.  Complete bibliography available through the Boston College website.

Video and Audio

What Makes Us Catholic, a series of nine half hour videos and audio cassettes from Silver Burdette, 2006.   Also available from Books on Tape, read by author.

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