Pastoral Institute

The Pastoral Institute is committed to making adult education a high priority in the Diocese of Victoria by providing a solid curriculum of basic courses pertaining to the Catholic faith.
Understanding and living the Catholic Faith is a life-long commitment.  Each person is called to grow continually and to respond openly to Christ in his/her life.

"Adult faith formation, by which people consciously grow in the life of Christ through experience, reflection, prayer and study, must be the central task in [this] catechetical enterprise..."
- Our Hearts Were Burning (OHWB) 5, USCCB

Pastoral Institute Programs

Extended Program

The Extended Program is a three-year program of 12 six-week courses (144 clock hours) offered in different centers in the diocese.  The Extended Program courses are once a week for 6 weeks, two-hours per class (12 hours total).  You must attend at least 4 classes per course to receive credit.  Two courses are offered per semester. Cost for each six-week course is $20 and book fees may vary per course. 

CLICK HERE for Psalms and Wisdom registration form.

Short-Term Program

The Short-Term Program is in the summer and is offered to all in the diocese.  The program consists of 12 classes in basic doctrine, catechetical training, and methodology.  
Echoes of Faith Plus, a video-assisted program is used to facilitate these classes.

Continuing Education Program
A Continuing Education Program consists of on-going Scripture and theological courses for those who have completed the Extended Program or for other interested persons.   

  • NOTE: There is a $20.00 fee for the Extended and Continuing Education classes.  Book fees are extra.
  • A class record is created for each person who attends the Pastoral Institute.  
  • Certificates are issued for completed classes and noted on the individual's record.

For more information about the Pastoral Institute please contact:
Christella Alvarez-Director
Email: Phone: (361) 573-0828 ext. 2225
Sherry Kainer-Pastoral Institute Administrative Assistant
Email: Phone: (361) 573-0828 ext. 2223

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