EXISTING Employees/Volunteers

Renewal & Re-Certification Training Sessions for Existing Employees/Volunteers ONLY

  • Before you begin the training, which includes components as mandated by the USSCB, please note that all background checks will be updated automatically on all current employees/volunteers. Do not submit a new background check.
  • Renewal Sessions are designed for individuals who completed the CORE workshop 3 years ago. Re-Certification is required for individuals who have worked/volunteered for 6 or more years. Each individual is required to attend training every 3 years. 
  • The following link will automatically direct you to the training you are currently required to complete.
Click here for Online Renewal/Re-Certification Training (Not for use with dial-up connections)

Classroom  Style Trainings

Renewal and Re-Certification training sessions can be taught in a classroom style setting periodically at parishes/schools throughout the diocese.  If you do not have Internet access, please contact the parish/school safe environment trainer for a list of scheduled dates.

Not sure if you are due for Renewal or Re-Certification training?

Please contact the Office of Child and Youth Protection at 361-573-0828 ex 2249.

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