Diocesan Transportation Policy

9/24/2013 - Important Memo from Bishop Fellhauer
regarding Transportation policy and CCD Class Ratios
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The Diocesan Transportation Policy is designed to ensure the safe and responsible transportation of all people and property involved in diocesan activities. Adherence to the guidelines and procedures of the Transportation Policy is mandatory for all employees and volunteers transporting people or property on behalf of the Diocese of Victoria and any of it's parishes, schools or offices.

Here you will find all of the information and documents you need to obtain and maintain compliance with the Diocesan Transportation Policy. 

The diocese highly recommends that all people involved in church, school or other ministries download and read the Diocesan Transportation Policy Handbook (which is being revised) to become familiar with the requirements and expectations of the policy.  

To become a parish or school driver one MUST complete the step-by-step listing of forms and requirements below.  The following checklists are intended to make compliance easier to obtain and maintain for all volunteers and employees of the Diocese of Victoria. Here you will find all of the information and forms required to be compliant with the Diocesan Transportation Policy.

Select the checklist below that corresponds to your requirements as a driver.
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